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Thought that might get someones attention.

This is more of a question blog. What does security look like? I was rolling this around in my brain yesterday and I don’t remember all my thoughts but here’s what I have to say about it.

Nothing is sound. We are in a world of uncertainty and more and more today people are feelin it. I remember in the 80’s how even people who weren’t in the money had more of a sense of security. The economy was pretty great to be honest and during “the clinton years” I think it was even better. Then something happened. Now we can blame all sorts of people and events but the truth is that there really is nothing 100% in this world. It can all change in an instant. Financially relationally demographically……….violently. Security? Not here.

But there is hope. Security is attainable if you wish it to be. There is secutiry in Christ. It may not be financially or any of that other stuff we hope for in this life but its there. I want to touch again on the hebrews coming out of egypt. They cam out of something that even though they were slaves they seemed to have a sense of security.

Sitting here at labor ready has me thinking of a false security I used to have back when I was homeless. I used to go sleep outside of labor ready so I could get work and there was this guy who knew I slept out back of the place and I knew he would wake me up every morning. I mean that’s kind of extreme I know but there was still a sense of security. Fortunately at least I’m not sleeping outside of the place. But neither do I feel security by being here. I’ve had to relocate and move in with the in laws and still no real security.

Some times the only security I have is in this. I am sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption. That’s all I really know to hold on to. But the thing is that that is worth so much but I don’t always act like it. I am so secure I can’t even fathom. God has promised never to leave or forsake us. That is security. The only security that really ever matters. I wish to shake off all my false security so that my real security will be evident. So that others may know that there is secure hope out there and that His name is Jesus the Christ. I pray that we as the body exhibit this secure hope in our lives as we live out the life in Christ.