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I Don’t Care

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , , on December 10, 2011 by mike pollie

This time of year I usually rant and rave on how ungodly christmas is and how believers in Christ shouldn’t celebrate it. But I’m flippin the script this year and forevermore (hopefully) because ya know what?……..I just don’t care. Ima celebrate Jesus everyday and if you or any other person needs a special day to celebrate whatever it is you want to celebrate whether its family friends football or Jesus then do your thing. And if we are together I’m probably gonna enjoy those things with you. Christmas? Eh, maybe not so much but if you’re celebrating Jesus then I’m there with ya no matter what ya call it.

Now I’m wondering this though. How about other celebrations. I want to celebrate passover and feast of trumpets and feast of tabernacles and so on and so forth. Does anyone care about that? I ask because I understand those are OT celebrations but what’s wrong with celebrating them as believers in Christ. I mean if Jesus is the Everlasting Almighty Father God then aren’t those part of Him?

I know I know…….this here sounds a tad bit jewish (which is why we have christmas and easter and the such in the first place). But in Christ we have become jews. Not physical residents of israel but spiritual Jews. We are all israelites indeed who have been circumcised in our hearts. That’s a beautiful thing. I’m not trying to lessen a persons sincere right to worship Jesus how they are led. Neither am I trying to tell people they must keep “torah”. But shouldn’t we at least entertain the thought that maybe the OT holy days weren’t only point forward to Christ but are actually still pointing to Him. Mind you (and I know this may offend many OT “torah” adherents) most all the OT law was derived from surrounding cultures (as were christmas and easter) so to claim holidays more or less holy than the OT holy days may be a long shot (remember paul told us not to judge people based on these things) but if one can be good with the right heart I believe the other can be just as good. Jesus didn’t come to say “well all the OT is done with there’s nothing left there” but rather to say “I was what the OT was always talking about” and “here I am…….worship me”.