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This Cup…..This Bread

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , , , on December 8, 2011 by mike pollie

I always wondered about the whole communion/Lords supper/eucharist thing all my life. Not constantly, but in general. Before I was a believer I saw only the weird way that catholics lined up like at school lunch to have some strange guy put stuff on their tongue. Well then I got saved and did it the protestant way. You know the whole thimble of grape juice/cool aid and a chunk of saltine/special communion wafer. Later (just last year) we made some unleavened bread and had bread and wine with contemplation for a communion.

Just this year someone I know brought up the subject of what communion is and I read 1 cor 10 and 11 in a different light. Mind you I could be wrong so please take this as the way I see it not as dogmatic difinite truth. What I saw though is that first of all communion is not spoken of in 1 cor 10 and 11 but rather it is speaking specifically about the Lords supper/table. This, I believe, is of some signifigance because communion seems to be something that happens on a regular basis and the Lords supper seems to be something that happens less frequently (in my opinion a lot less frequently).

“How much less?” You might ask. Well first I want to answer why I don’t think communion and the Lords supper/table are the same. Communion is people coming together to eat and share things together in my opinion. And since the word communion is not in the bible I think that acts 2 is the best showing of what communion is. I would love others thoughts on that as well.

Ok so that’s the main reason why I said communion and the Lords supper are not the same. But there is another reason. The Lords supper to me seems to be the passover (the jewish passover) and its interesting how 1 cor 10 and 11 shows this. Speaking of this (which is my main point) it seems like Paul is talking about a specific cup and a specific bread. The fact that it was at the time of the passover initially and that Jesus is called our passover lamb makes “this” seem that much more specific. It would appear that communion should be a regular thing that we do not so much as an event/events but just as a way of life and the Lords supper/table seems to be a special event done at passover. In 1 cor 10 paul speaks about the rituals of the pagans as opposed to the jewish practices and I think he does this to point out that they probably already knew it was something done at passover. This part is more assumption than concrete truth. But this one thing gets me the most regardless of how you view it. How does one get drunk off a thimble of juice or full off of a piece of cracker. So it would seem that the Lords supper/table is accompanied by a meal as it was on that day that Christ “instituted”. And again regardless of what time of year you believe it is it would appear that it is not a regular thing as is communion/communal living.