[Everyone who does evil doesn’t come into the light because they don’t want their evil ways exposed but those who truly do good love the Light and come into it] (slight paraphrase and tweaking of John 3:20,21)

I was having this conversation (with various other people not only in my head as usual) about if their is any good in us before salvation. I’ve wrestled with “total depravity” since I was saved (as I could’ve cared less before I became a “theologian” hahahahaha). On one side (especially with cut and paste theosophies) I see totally what a total depravity adherent is saying really. But in the end I can’t totally agree. How can Jesus say there are people who do good? I will say this. If you have total depravity as a mindset then I understand why it must needs be backed up by “unconditional election”. And that may be a big problem with our ways of thinking (I’m talking loudest to myself).

Now I don’t know what I’m saying so please bear with me. If we start our theology at a certain point and say this one point is definitely 100% true and can’t be changed then sometimes (not all I know) but sometimes all our other theology has to follow.

“I Personally Believe……..” in a literal hell and lake of fire (though I don’t specifically believe that the fire will be literal cause I don’t know). So, to back that up I have to pull together the few NT verses (cause its not really supported in the OT) to support that theology. Then again I don’t adhere to the trinity doctrine. Its funny for me how we all try to defend our theologies more than uphold the bibles actually teachings from time to time. And I don’t want to say that’s how I used to be and act like I’m above that now. That’s how I am now.

Point is this. Sometimes we just don’t know as much as we think we know. Let me re-state that, “I just don’t know as much as I think I know”. Or as the bible says [if anyone thinks they know anything they don’t know yet as they ought to know].

“All I know is that I don’t know nothing”~ Op Ivy


2 Responses to “Maybe?”

  1. This one had me cracking up by the end…. 🙂

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