Untitled Thoughts

I’m so glad that I’ve been grafted
By the One who made it happen
I was nappin
Lovin sin and
Didn’t care about His image
Then one day He called me out
Pulled my ticket wolfin all
Had no truth up in my bones
But still calls me His own
Man somethings wrong
Oh yeah I get it
Wasn’t me
It was He
All the time I ran my life
Full of pain sorrow and strife
Is it perfect now?
Well no
But better off than was before
Now that’s for sure
And if I hadn’t responded
God only knows where Id be at
Probably still bummin some scraps
Off of couples comin out of
Restaurants in santa moni-
Cause that’s what I’m all about
Ya didn’t know?
Well now ya do so what ya think?
Now how do I stink?
Hopefully when you smell me
Its Jesus fragrance heavenly
Let’s wait and see


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