Personally I Believe

We all have ways of believing that are different from what others or orthodoxy say we should believe. This is a big problem for me (and maybe others) because I always seem to be stuck somewhere between pharisee and heretic. I don’t want to be either but that just seems to be what happens. I want to be able to uphold sound doctrine from the bible while also not being so set in my interpretations and beliefs that I deny others their rights as believers to have interpretations and beliefs. One person believes its ok to casually use slang words while another (like myself) feels any vain word is sinful. One person believes divorce can be justified while another (like myself) believes that apart from adultery it is never justified. I did not say those things to argue about them but as examples of how we may tend to think that our way is the only right way.

Here’s where it gets muddy =D

Some people believe there are many ways to God but Jesus said He is the way. Can we reconcile that. The bible says there is none righteous, not one. But, then the bible goes on to say that a nonbeliever in Jesus (cornelius) was a righteous man. We as believers in Christ may say “well there is no righteousness outside of Christ”. And that might be true. But God called a nonbeliever righteous. How do we reconcile this.

More mud.

Many see revelation as fully literal. Others see it as totally metaphorical. I see it as both and that is hard cause those that see it as both like I do have a hard time sorting out the two especially when speaking with each other of the same mindset. As for having conversations between the fully literal and the fully metaphoric, that seems to be something that may never happen. When I say conversations please understand I don’t mean arguments =D. Now we should know that the apostles and early church also had many problems and in my opinion it all comes down to this. Jesus is Lord God and Savior. Do you believe it? That’s salvation. I know many also will not agree with that either saying its not that easy of easier but ima stand firm and let others do as they will and try to be more gracious about it. I think that’s where I lack the most.

“Wisdom is the principle thing. Therefore get wisdom and with all your getting get understanding”~solomon


2 Responses to “Personally I Believe”

  1. Hey man,

    I really like your post here. I think you will agree with me when I say that the way that you have come about believing the way you do about things is generally through kindness, conversation, conviction and other workings of the holy spirit within. I think that sometimes we are just not ready to go where the spirit wishes to take us, so we learn and grow and accept these truths one belief at a time.

    Every now and then I look back at some of my older blog posts from a few years ago and have to chuckle at the “absolute certainties” I once had about things of a spiritual/biblical nature. I know that folks will often quote that old Biblical adage that “God is the same yesterday, today and forever” and that my view of God should never change because of this. And so I would say that i am not denying an unchanging forever God, what i am denying is the fact that we know him as well as we like to think we do.

    Each day, week, year on this walk with God I learn something new, some other way of viewing things I thought I knew well, and sometimes I learn something completely unexpected. This is why I believe we are all on this path — this journey of knowing God. This process of distillation, if you will. It is only when we stop pursuing the knowledge of God, because we think we know it all, that we become useless to God and others. It’s one of the reasons I stopped declaring myself a theologian, Because my knowledge of God, though it comes from 27 years of journeying with God, seminary studies, studying the scriptures, reading, writing and exploring, is still just a glimmer of the light God is offering us from a lifetime of following him.

    We see now as through a mirror dimly… (but then face-to-face) and I have learned that my mirror is as dim as any other, that written words in a book can be interpreted many different ways at many different times by just me alone, not to mention the many good, well intending biblical scholars throughout time. That there is good evidence that absolute truth exists here and now, but just as much evidence that shows that we as human beings can not grasp it — and will not fully grasp it this side of the Kingdom.

    These are hard words to read, I know, for those of us who want to “arrive” or “master Christianity.” Or be done with sanctification/transformation and be crowned as a saint. Hard words to read for those of us that think that getting saved is the last step they need take in this life with God. In my humble opinion, coming to Christ is just a small part of an adventurous life with God.

    So, I do not say all of this to tell you that your beliefs are right on, wrong or immature or conservative/liberal, etc, but to say that they are your beliefs and I respect you for having them. It is an indication of a journey that you have embarked on at some point in your life. It is not your final beliefs on the subject, but where you are at this time in your life and walk with God. It shows signs of growth, maturity and activity that you have your own beliefs.

    Whether I agree with you or not is of no consequence here, because ultimately I trust God to grow you and others in the way he will grow you and others (and I don’t get to tell God how to do that). 🙂

    I have my own beliefs that are mine that have changed and will continue to change as long as I live (I hope). This is an indication to me, of me getting to know God, his world and his Kingdom better in time. All that being said, thanks for the post and I look forward to more enriching conversations with you friend.

  2. Brittany Lewis Says:

    I found all of this interesting (as I always find all the things you say pretaining to the Lord and his word interesting) but I found the second paragraph especially interesting. I do not understand how or why God would say or believe that a non-believer could be righteous. I was under the impression that there WAS no righteousness outside of Christ. I am about to go onto and try to look this all up. I will come back to this ater I have read it and/or after you respond to my comment on here…yeah, I know, I didn’t ask you a but I’m a girl and like to force people to respond to the things I say all the time hahaha 😛

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