Blocked Off

I had an interesting experience today. My wife and I were going to go have dinner and fellowship with our friend at her house. Unfortunately the road to her house was blocked off for some festival they were having. Only residents were allowed. Now we weren’t residents but we were going to see a resident and neither us nor them knew about this street blockage. So we tried to explain the situation. Even showed the cops our salad and watermelon we were bringing to her house………….they didn’t care. So we went to the next point where we could turn and yep, you guessed it,it was blocked off. We could actually see our friends house from this road block. We pleaded but again it was in vain. So then as a last ditch effort I drove all the way around to the way far side of the whole thing to see if there might be a back way with some side roads. NOTHING. We were not getting in. We had to cancel because the only parking was way far away and the 35 week pregnant wife and 20 month kid weren’t about walking all over to get to our friends house.

There was only one way to get to our friends house with our vehicle and that was to have a pass. We didn’t have one and the cops said they didn’t even have any left but gave them all out and that some people even got like 10-15 passes????????

Here’s the point.

John 14:6

There is only one way to God and if you don’t go his way then you aren’t getting in. We didn’t have the way to drive to our friendw house today. And one day the way to God will be all gone just like those passes and many will be made that a lot of people got “passes” from God and there are none left. The differences are obvious and this is not an exact illustration but its what I took away from this strange turn of events this day


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