Its sad but its true. There is division in the “church”. Paul told some saints that he heard there was division among them and since there was division then there must be heresies.

I’m seeing many heresies and false teachings these days in the “church” (organized christianity). The thing is that where I see all the false teachings is where people tend to call me a hater and unscripturally so. Many say we are not to judge anything at all and then proceed to judge me when I judge righteous judgment.

There are many denying Gods judgment for sin (hell and everlasting torment in the lake of fire) and replacing it with annhilation or universalist theosophies.

And while I used to think that being either free will or sovereign grace was ok it seems to becoming more and more clear that this is not the case (at least from the soverign gracers). The problem is not that one believes in sovereign grace as much as they promote it as soverign grace only. I believe in Gods sovereignty 100%. But I believe in a God who emphatically tells His people to choose Him or death. If we have a choice then the burden is on us to make our salvation sure. Jesus Christ has done the work and finkshed it but unless you choose to believe it then you will NOT receive it.

Then there is the faction that is coming out and saying that God is blessing gay “christians”. There is not one shred of evidence to support this heresy. And yet many people (even whole denominational groups) are beginning more and more to confirm and affirm homosexuals and their sinful lifestyles. This is the same as affirming beastiality although supporters highly disagree with this.

Its a hard reality but paul told titus to warn a divisive person twice and then have nothing to do with them. Many don’t accept this and say its not loving. So what we are doing is taking our word for it and not Gods. We are also told not to eat with those who claim Christ and openly sin without any care or repentance. This is to their shame in hopes that in that shame they will turn from their sin abd turn to Christ

For references on scriptural backing for this post please read 1 cor 5 and 11 and titus 3 although there are many other places that are good to support this as well

“Neither do I condemn you. Go your way and sin no more”~Jesus


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