Just Sayin

i believe the Church when it began in the NT didnt have one specific place to meet

they met when and where they could

they didnt meet every sunday at 10:30

now im not against schedules either and i realize that those times and days are just convinient for the majority of people because of our “work six days rest one” mentality even in the “secular” world

but the NT saints didnt think like that

they knew what it meant to have every day sabbath and be free to meet when and where they could

either it was johnnys house or tims house or pauls house or at a conference hall or in the temple courts (which was a marketplace more than a religious place of worship which is why Jesus flipped out there lol)

the point is that we tend to formulate things and i just dont think that the NT saints did that as much as we do

even a vast majority of “house churches” and “organic churches” do this

they even have doctrines that, if you disagree, you are treated as an outcast and/or stupid

some things are blatant but some things are up for interpretation

things like homosexuality

the bible states it as abominable sin

both in the OT and the NT

its just that obvious

stealing lying murder pride hate lust adultery

these things ARE sin and there is no way around it

but other things like eternal security or free will or sovereign grace or satan being and angel or not or any other doctrine that is interpretation and not concrete

just sayin


2 Responses to “Just Sayin”

  1. Interesting, however scripture warns us to be sure of our doctrine. It isn’t something really open to interpretation. 1 Timothy 4:16 – “Watch your life and doctrine closely. Persevere in them, because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.”
    Many foolish things have begun because folks didn’t understand why doctrine matters.

    • i guess even the term doctrine is up for interpretation sir

      whos doctrine

      catholic doctrine?

      pentecostal doctrine

      baptist doctrine

      methodist doctrine

      thats what i mean by doctrine

      now however if a doctrine is straight unbiblical then it must be shot down

      i know many people who are denying hell and accepting sin as ok cracking lewd jokes using filthy language fornicating and so many unbiblical things

      but then there are grey areas

      things like baptism in the holy spirit with initial physical evidence of speaking in tongues

      there are the saturday sabbath keepers vs the sundau sabbath keepers

      there are those who think we must keep jewish holy days and those who observe man made holidays

      that is what i mean by doctrine

      there is a black and white doctrine of christ and then there is a grey doctrine of man which is just our interpretive attempt at understanding god

      no one fellowship can say they got it all right in their doctrine

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