Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Here is another thing people might not like me for saying. We need to quit making excuses. I was talking to someone today about a movie that is just nasty and I don’t think anyone, not to mention a follower of Christ, should watch. I wont call out the movie only because that’s not my way. But lets just say that it is full of foul language sexual innuendos and racial remarks that I don’t believe anyone should be proud of. But, this “christian” friend of mine thinks, out loud to me, “well that’s just hollywood”. Ok, he is right it is just hollywood. And for that reason I don’t think we should embrace it. You might call that religious but I call it guarding your heart. I feel the same way about followers of Christ thinking its ok to use foul language. Im sorry that’s just how I feel. We go see movies that are just vulgar the whole way through and we don’t even blink. I think its so funny that when my wife and I first started going out we went to see a movie. That’s not the funny part. The funny part was that we both kind of felt uncomfortable about the movie because it was pretty bad. But we both were like trying to just be with each other so we were like yea sure that movie was alright. I mean I’ve seen much worse movies in my life but this movie was pretty raunchy. We should never do this. If a movie is not good, glorifying sin that is, then why do we continue watching it. If we need to put the kids to bed before we watch a movie or program of any sort then that should tell us there is something wrong with this picture. I believe the same thing about music. You can say you like the beat all you like and that the lyrics don’t affect you one bit but I don’t believe it. Sorry. We get to bobbin our head humming along and all of a sudden we start saying the words. Next thing you know they slip out of our mouth during conversation or frustration or anger. This should not be. It happens though. Now some people say that when that happens you shouldnt think that someone has lost their anointing. Again ill have to say im sorry. I don’t agree with this tolerance. I don’t believe that you lose your salvation. But, at the same time God cant honor that. I believe that you lose your anointing and that you have to earn it back. I believe earning it back comes through repentance. There might even be some penalties to endure here on earth. And furthermore you might not ever get back to where God intended you to be or go. Im not going to mention names but some very prominent evangelicals and catholics have fallen to earthly pleasures and will never get back to where they once were or to where they could have gone in Christ Jesus. Sorry but that’s just the way it is. The bigger you are the harder you fall. It stinks but that’s the way it goes. I knew a guy who lived in a town and pastored church for a bit and then something happened. I don’t know the full story but I do know that the guy left his town and family and now is all alone running some motel in a little broke down hick town full of crack heads and tobacco farms. That’s all that’s there. This guy tried to tell me about Christ but I could see not a shred of power in his testimony. I’ve seen better testimony from alcoholics to tell you the truth. Its sad but true. Not saying God anoints alcoholics but im just saying that there was nothing on this man and its kind of sad because this guy might have been truly a believer in Christ. Our hearts and minds are what lead us to our actions. We need to keep our guard up. I don’t see why a follower of Christ would want to enjoy nasty movies and raunchy music. I tried to go dabble in the old things I used to do. It didn’t work out for me. Some might say that God lets you choose how you want to live in Christ Jesus. I don’t fully believe that’s true. I do believe that before Christ you can choose to follow Gods ways or your ways. But after you truly accept Jesus as God Lord and Savior things are never the same. I don’t care what people say. Some say that its so easy to sin. Not if you know Jesus it isn’t. Even if you keep on doing the sin its not easy. It hurts. It haunts. It burdens you. I know. Im not just telling what I’ve seen in others. People try all the time to tell me I don’t know it all. You know what I agree that I don’t know it all. But I know a lot. I know a lot about how people are because I’ve done most everything you can do in the sin and guilt and hate and lust and game playin world. I know the tricks and when I see them being played I can decipher them most of the time. Like I said, I don’t know it all. No one does but God. But I know a lot about Jesus, sin, and how they interact with each other. You cant just go out and whistle in your sin when you know Christ. Its not that easy. We all make mistakes. David slept with a mans wife and then had the man killed when he found out he had gotten his wife prego and didn’t really care about it at all it would seem until someone confronted him about it. You might say “well there you go”, even the man after Gods own heart didn’t seem to care and sin came easy to him. But, please notice I did say that he didn’t care until someone confronted him about it. Nathan went to David and confronted his sin to his face. You see there is a difference between David and the believer in Christ. David didn’t have the witness living inside him. Yeah David did want to know Gods heart. But David sinned just like you and I sin. But, we have inside us the Holy Spirit of God. Before Jesus’ ascension, people didn’t have this witness living inside them. Sin came a lot easier. Though they knew what was right and wrong like all mankind does, they didn’t have the convicting Holy Spirit inside. So, it didn’t bother them as much. If you can just sin and sin and sin and it not bother you at all then you might not have that Holy Spirit up in you like you think you do. If there is something right now that you do that doesn’t bother you at all then you might want to talk to God about it. Im talking about black and white sins not the grey area stuff. If you are out at the clubs getting drunk and sleeping with every girl or guy who takes their pants off for you and don’t care one bit about it then there might be a problem there. God tells us to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness but we are listening to nasty music and watching nasty movies promoting the darkside. We are to be in the world but not of the world.

Now ill get really weird to most people reading this im sure. Look I don’t feel that there is any difference between people smoking weed drinking beer or smoking cigarettes. I also don’t believe that either of the three are in and of themselves wrong. The extent to which you do anything makes it wrong. Its kind of like eating. Look food isn’t a bad thing. But overeating obviously has its downfalls. The same with money. Money isn’t bad. But it’s the love of money that’s the root of all evil. Im kind of getting sick of people being so down on alcohol and weed but not caring about the number one killer of them all which is cigarettes. Im sorry that’s just out of wack to me. Now just to clear the record I haven’t had a drink or smoked weed in two years and haven’t smoked a cigarette in over a year. That doesn’t seem like much until you realize that for at least 15 years that’s pretty much all I did day in and day out. I was either high or drunk or something from age 13-28. Many witnesses can verify that too.

Now that we got that cleared up, I want to put forth something really interesting. We actually make alcohol, it’s not God-made. I never see the bible condemn alcoholic drinks. I do see the bible condemn alcoholism though. There is absolutely nothing in the bible that says smoking tobacco or marijuana is wrong. You can point at certain points in the bible telling us to respect our bodies if you want but that’s just a grey area and I don’t believe its right to accept one and not the other. Either they are all wrong or none of them are wrong. Is money wrong. No? Does money cause problems? No. Does sex cause problems? No. Does alcohol cause problems? No. Does marijuana cause problems? No. Does tobacco cause problems? No. You know what causes problems? Us. Yep. That’s right. Its our fault. We are the ones who cause the problems. We need to take everything to the extreme. I mean if you’ve ever been to a college party or prom party or any upstate NY backwoods or ghetto party then you know what I mean. I aint talking about some nice catholic wedding party. Although im sure they get out of hand too. But regardless of the circumstance or whos throwing the party the point is that if there is a problem due to the “drugs or alcohol”, (which if we are serious I believe alcohol is the biggest drug in the world next to cigarettes), it is not the fault of the “drugs or alcohol” as much as it is the persons fault who does them. Look, nobody ever forced me to do anything I ever did in my life. I drank smoked and took every drug I ever did of my own free will. Now I know there are some circumstances where people are forced but its not as much as people think it is. I also don’t believe peer pressure is as bad as people make it out to be. What im saying with that is that most people want to do the things they do and that is the bottom line. I don’t really think there is any loss of Christlikeness by drinking a drink. I don’t think smoking tobacco is antichrist. I don’t think smoking a joint or pipe of marijuana is antichrist. I do think that abusing any of those things is antichrist though. Just like abusing our money in selfish ways is antichrist. Just like eating more than we need to is wrong. We are fat alcoholic selfish druggies over here in america. In someother countries they eat good drink alcohol smoke tobacco and marijuana and have a good amount of money. But I just don’t see some countries being like us. We are just super-consumers. We consume to the max. That is who we are over here. That is our real sin.


10 Responses to “Excuses, Excuses, Excuses”

  1. I so agree with you Mike. My daughter (who is a Christian – though backslid) watches movies at home with very foul language and let my then 14-15 yr. old granddaughter watch. She gets very upset with me because I won’t stay in the room and watch that kind of filth. She says “you have to just close your ears to it and overlook it.” I won’t even at her house.

  2. jossie webb Says:

    I think you are right nasty movies and music should not be part of our lives and in our homes. But it is GOD that changes us not us. And as we grow in GODs word HE will weed those things out. Sometimes immediately. I do believe you can walk away fr. your salvation, but I don’t believe that if you make some mistakes that GOD says sorry no for you. But HE will bring the rod of correction out. I don’t think that our real sin has anything to do with those things. I believe that our sin is sugar coating real sin so people (believers) don’t get offended.Because they go out acting like fools when they talk about GOD to non believers. Therefore not building into the kingdom of GOD. Because of this there are many people looking for the truth and get burned then turn away.

  3. you’re right Mike…. we get caught in the rut…. everybody else is doing ‘it’… what’s ‘it’… anything a Christian ought not be caught dead doing. But we do, don’t we?! It’s not easy to stay on the ‘right’ side… as compared to the left or liberal/compromising side of Christianity. How do we stay ‘right’…. just keep seeking His way…. keep aware of our sinfulness… and/but as we mess up….. soulfully cry “I’m sorry, forgive me” It’s when we use our liberty as a cloak that we mess up more and even find it harder to climb out of the rut/ditch. Thanks for your input Mike.

  4. I agree with you Mike. It’s all about our actions and decisions that we make. We are accountable for what we do. It definately bothers me when I watch a movie with lots of garbage (which I don’t normally do). We need to guard our minds. The media has a bigger effect on us than we know. That is why I am glad to see certain ministries producing christian and family based entertainment (like TBN and Matt Crouch).

    However, I believe that any drug that you take that effects your thinking is wrong in God’s eyes. Having one glass of wine with dinner is not going to effect you (for most people anyway). Having 4 or 5 glasses will. Now take pot. It is a very potent drug. One joint should effect your thinking. It opens up a crack for the enemy to creep in (without you even knowing it). We either let the Holy Spirit effect the way we think OR we let certain drugs do it. I have never been a smoker so I can’t say much about cigs. Although God talks about your body being the temple for the Holy Spirit so we should keep this temple in good shape. Smoking will ultimately destroy the body. So will eating the wrong types of foods. We don’t necessarily have to be health nuts BUT we need to educate ourselves a little more on what is good for you and what is not (“my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge”…Hosea 4:6). Since my wife has quite cigarettes about 2 yrs ago, we’ve been eating healthier and working out 3-4 times a week (and what a difference!!!). I strongly believe that the devil isn’t just in crack houses and porn shops….he’s in american advertising. The McDonald commercials that coax you into believing that there food is good. It may taste good on the way down but look at what it does in the long run (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc…). If you haven’t yet, rent the movie ‘Super Size Me’. It’s a documentary about eating fast food. I am not saying going to a burger joint is going to kill you….however if you make it a regular routine it will.
    (that is the power of advertising). God’s original design for our bodies is a lot different than what the world is offering. (I don’t think they had wonder bread during Christs time). We need as believers to be praying for a healthier nation as well as for it’s finances.

  5. Rick Knock Says:


    Good post. You said,

    “If you can just sin and sin and sin and it not bother you at all then you might not have that Holy Spirit up in you like you think you do.”

    This brought to mind 2 Cor 13:5:

    “Examine yourselves to see if your faith is genuine. Test yourselves. Surely you know that Jesus Christ is among you; if not, you have failed the test of genuine faith.” (NLT)

    I also think you hit the nail on the head with your closing,

    “We are just super-consumers. We consume to the max. That is who we are over here. That is our real sin.”

    This brought to mind the rich young ruler who went away sad because he couldn’t bring himself to part with his stuff. I wonder what most of us would pick, Jesus or our stuff? Again taking what you said, but in reverse order:

    “We are just super-consumers. We consume to the max. That is who we are over here. That is our real sin. If you can just sin and sin and sin and it not bother you at all then you might not have that Holy Spirit up in you like you think you do.”

    Maybe it’s time to examine? Thanks for your post. 🙂

    God Bless!

    • indeed i do believe that it is high time to examine

      people are up in “church” and on their way to hell

      it is a dangerous thing but someones got to say it like it is

  6. I like this… “Yep. That’s right. Its our fault. We are the ones who cause the problems.” God bless!

  7. Thankyou Mike for writting this you turned up the volume on that still quiet voice we all believers have inside. But sadly choose to ignore it.There are 65 verses in the Bible about alcohol and they are not promoting it. But your right people have ever excuse in the book to keep sinning My dad drinks and i have even heard him twist the Bible to make it ok, saying Jesus turned water into wine at the wedding. I use to say i was depressed because i was going through a messy divorce when i meet my second husband who drinks also. So he thought he hit the jackpot when we meet we use to drink together two believers getting drunk everyday! Thats not an excuse either EVERBODY has problems so if thats the case we should ALL drink then. I dont know exactly how it happened but my thinking started to change ThankGod one thing that made this happen was i had a little wine only one glass with anti depressants i take andwas so out of it it scared me really bad. Plus embarassing myself. I wish i could say I came bk to the Lord and doing the right things not because i couldnt mix medication and alcohol but if i said that I would be lying. So for this reason and also not being depressed anymore I stopped my husband was married before and his wife cheated on him and hehad alot of the same sad things happen to him but he still drinkseven though hes probably over it and truthfully I think he drank before all of it happened. So here I am changed and havent drank in over a yr and my husband still does not as much we used to drink 200 a week easy when we first meet now he only drinks twice or 3 times a month on weekends. He always sayd he is a bad christian and I KNOW that he is a believer thats what makes thsi so sad I would like to see alcohol out of his life for good like it is mine I wont even have a sip. And 3 weeks ago i quit soda I want to love the Lord back for all that he has done for me and all the things he has brought me threw. And just try to be a good example I never say to much when he does drink because i think nagging doesnt work the Lord is the only one that can convict someone and i dont think its through nagging. Anyways Im getting of track but i love your testimony Mike it is very similiar to mine but i have lots more story to tell as you do too. But to make a long story short about myself I am a fallen christian at one point in my life i did have it all-the world at 25 i owned didnt owe owned my house had lots of money in the bank a handsome husband who cheated all the time and was a fake believer. I appeared to have it all anyway but none of this stuff was real or matter the devil tryed to convince me it did and my life was over when my first husband would cheat on me or spend my inheritance on drugs. So at the time of my testing i did fail and i probably wont be back to that place because i didnt know howto handle it. I should have praised God when i lost everything like Job did I should have showed the world and God that he was above anything that he gave me but i didnt. I turned into a christian that lived like the worldand drank and felt sorry for myself but you know what happened God allowed me to meet a christian man and have another daughter i never thought i would have in the midst of my sin! God is so good to us he understands that we are weak and has mercy on us and loves us even when were sinning and this is what brought meto conviction to come bk. I looked at my daughter from my second husband and it was like God was saying despite everything you have done and losted its ok I havnt forgot you. And children are a gift from God so i believe God forgave me for all my stupidty and squandering of money and time in the world when i turned my back on him and put my first husband and things above him He really did me a great favor by removing those things for me I have more now even with nothing than i had with everything!!! There was a time i had enough money i wouldnt have had to work very hard because i inherited alot of money but i gave most of it to people to make them happy and feel love Well now I work in a factory and sometime i feel like im eating the pods from the pigs like the prodgidal son story but I am happier than ever because i know God has taught me an important lesson about valuing him first. I know all the struggle God turned around for my own good even! And most importantly I know HE IS WITH ME and im not grieving him anymore and he is the one showing me more and more truths about not drinking since i stopped and he is the one that has giving me this power. So there is hope for everyone if there is hope for me. On site i dont look like a women that has been through all this so you never know what a person is dealing with or has dealt with in there life. But one of thebiggest lessons i learned is i would rather be with God in his house working hard and having a hard life than having everything and having it easy but without him because without God everything is fake and will eventually dissappear he is all that matters and the fear and worship of him in our lives should be our # 1 priority!! Godbless you hope you got something from this I got a lot from your blog thankyou.

    • thank you april and everyone else for replying

      im glad you could join my conversation with myself and God

      you have all helped me grow and i hope that i can sharpen you as well

      in Christ


  8. i guess this is a personal conviction post

    but if my movies contain MF and pretty much porn should i be watching it?

    thats what i mostly mean

    but personally if i am going to watch something then i think it should be appropriate for my kid as well

    i dont think it is appropriate for adults to watch other adults be intimate so i dont think it is appropriate for kids either

    i think your comparison is kind not a good comparison

    as far as the alcohol tobacco marijuana thing goes im just wondering why only the marijuana thing came up

    are you ok with the other two

    im just asking honestly because you picked on the illegal one only

    i must mention that i think it is wrong to smoke marijuana based on the fact that it is illegal

    this i believe falls under the personal conviction section of grace IMO

    i also think that cigarettes are one of the worst drugs ever created

    worse than crack cocaine (which i was addicted to for 5 years)

    alcohol is never prohibited in the bible

    now drunkenness is indeed a sin and there is no way around that in both the OT and in the NT

    again though it is all covered by grace

    thanks for the feed back though

    in Christ


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