The Scattering

I just read something very interesting in the Bible today. It’s the account of the believers when Paul (then Saul) and his band of cronies went all over the place chasing them down to imprison them. I found it very cool that the Word doesn’t say that they went and hid in a cave somewhere. But it does say they were scattered. This all happens in the book of Acts mainly in chapter 8. There’s more of this later in the book also. But there is a good point here. When the going gets tough the tough get going. Now I know that’s an old saying. But, for real. Just take a look at what happened here. Saul and the Jewish thugs were out gettin’ those disciples of Christ.

The good thing is that God already knew it was going to happen and had plans for all of them. You see there’s a story in the Old Testament about a guy named Joseph whose brothers sold him into slavery. This sounds bad but for Joseph it was good. The first reason it was good for Joseph was the fact that their first plan was to kill him. Thank God I don’t have siblings like that. The next good thing was that Joseph eventually ended up in a position to save his whole family from starvation and ultimately death. But the point is that Joseph understood that God had bigger plans than humans. God was going to use the bad turn of events for Joseph for the good of many. You see we are so selfish that when bad things happen to us we get all mad like we are the ones being taken advantage of or something. I mean we are just big crybabies. If we could see God’s sovereignty and omnipotence in all we do we would live a more fruitful life I believe. Joseph lived through an attempt on his life, being sold into slavery by his brothers, false charges of rape by someone who actually tried to sexually assault him, being sentenced to jail (more than likely without chance of parole), and being duped by some people he helped while in jail. I mean we think we got it so bad when we got it good. A tire blows or we get sick or we don’t get a job. Ok maybe something big. A family member dies “before their time”. How bout that? We know time and all so we are the experts on when this person was supposed to die so we get all mad at God and stuff. We need to be like Joseph and see through the “bad” and focus on the good (Genesis 50:20)

Back to the real point of this chapter. Persecution scatters us for a reason. If you’re facing trouble in your life then look to God’s plan. Jesus said something really stupid if you don’t know Him. He said [in this world you will have a lot of trouble, but cheer up I have overcome the world] John 16:33. So yeah you’re going to have trouble. Jesus said big trouble. But we need to look past that. These early disciples of Christ were persecuted to the point that they left town. But that was God’s plan. You might say man “that’s messed up. God had to persecute them to get them to carry out His plan?”. Yes and no. The world persecuted them. Not God. Don’t get it twisted. But yes God did allow them to endure it to spread the gospel of Jesus. What good is a testimony without a test. I don’t know how many people know this but forest fires are good for pine trees. Let me tell you why. Pine cones are what hold the seeds for pine trees. But for the most part the seeds don’t really come out unless under intense heat. That’s the point. When the heat is on there is a high chance that the seeds will be spread. Peter says in 1st Peter 2:20 [What does it matter if you don’t complain when getting beat when you deserve it? But when you get beat for doing the right thing and don’t complain that is what God accepts]. Wow. That’s not the way we think at all. You can say I’m wrong about you all you want. And I’m going out on a limb here. I know I’ve already stated earlier in my book that I’m no psychologist but I do know people. Here I go with my blanketing styley again. You ready? We all do this. “Ow. Oh. Hey. Whoa. You talking to me?”. Yep, I’m talking to me. I do this. And if you don’t want to admit that you do it cool. That’s between you and God not me and you. Look it’s just in our nature to have our feelings hurt. And I don’t know if this will ever leave us on this planet. Even the great apostle Paul said he asked God three times to help him with some kind of problem he was having. But God said [My grace is all you need] 2nd Corinthians 12:7-9. That is crazy. What if God said that to me? I don’t know if I’ be as holy as Paul. Sorry I can’t say for sure what I would do. But I do know what I should do. I should be a man of God and a child of God and just praise Him for the life I have and continue to tell people how God brought me through it. That’s what the people who were being scattered were doing. They were sharing the good news of Jesus.

This is probably a good reason why “christianity” is taking such a big hit these days. Why’s that? Well I’m so glad you asked. Because a lot of “christianity” has been based on forced conversion and killing of those who don’t agree with “christians” rather than telling people that God loves them where they’re at and wants to show them a better way. You can say I’m wrong all you want but I won’t agree with you. Even the petty wars we have going on in this day and age all in the name of freedom and God are sickening to me. All those soldiers over in other countries killing instead of telling about God’s goodness just doesn’t make sense to me. People saying that it’s not as bad as it seems in war torn countries are just trying to water it down. Here comes the big one though. Our own backyard. Well they kicked the ten commandments out of school because they were bad I guess. And you might be a sympathizer with all those who say freedom of religion and all that junk but check it out. That should mean that the ten commandments can be in school. If that’s what was really meant by freedom of religion. They teach all other religions like they are right in school. They also teach the religion of evolution as fact these days. You know there are a lot of people who don’t know that, while they are teaching their kid at home that God created the world and everything in it, and created everything in it to create more and so on and so forth, the school is teaching that there was some cosmic dust ball that just exploded out of nowhere and we all slowly over millions of billions of years became humans. Now where did that cosmic dust ball come from? From nowhere, of course. None of this explains why some of the fish, bacteria, or monkeys decided they were happy just the way they were. I think that the duckbilled platypus is actually not a testimony to evolution as much as it is a testimony to God’s awesome creative ways. That duckbilled platypus keeps creating more and more duckbilled platypuses, not some other animal. But, that’s part of persecution. Now I don’t believe that you can prove God. I love Ray Comfort and creation science and all that stuff. But, you don’t prove God. The heavens declare the glory of God. God is proof enough of Himself. I believe that’s why He told Moses I AM THAT I AM. He just is and it’s not our job to prove Him. But when we are persecuted it forces us to look at new ways to share Him with those who hate Him. I believe that all who reject Christ hate God. I know that’s a blanket statement again but that’s the way it is. The Bible says [whoever doesn’t have the Son of God (Jesus Christ) doesn’t have life] 1 John 5:12. People say “what about those who haven’t heard”? I say read psalm 19. If you live at all then you’ve heard God. So when persecution comes in whatever way it comes just remember that it’s not about you. It’s about God. That’s some victory right there. Oh yeah. One more thing………………………………………….

James 1:2-5 [Count it all joy when you come into pressing troubles in life. That is an opportunity for your endurance to be strengthened and let this happen so that you will be complete and full and not be in need of anything. If you need wisdom about what’s happening then ask God and He will generously give it to you without looking down on you about it like you are stupid and unworthy.] <—–My version. Not literal at all. Walk in that and see where it takes you. Read Acts 11:19


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