Are we better than Jesus?

First off I just want to say that this is just a question and if offends you then so be it.

Here goes. There is a toss up among believers (and non-believers) about non-profit organizations and why they do or don’t benefit those involved. One thing is that the 501c3 thing demands proof of many things and sometimes you need to be within certain guidelines and do certain things to stay “non-profit”. I have seen a  lot of waste in the “non-profit” realm firsthand from both believers and non-believers so thats neither here nor there.

Heres the question I really want to ask here. Would Jesus be ok with us ducking out on taxes while the rest of the world pays them. Well lets ask Jesus.”Hey Jesus these guys are trying to get some tax money from us, what do we tell them” (this is my paraphrase of the biblical narrative where they ask Jesus about taxes). “Give to ceaser what’s ceaser’s, and give to God what’s God’s”. Then again when asked how they will pay taxes Jesus sends them to go fishing and get the money from a fish mouth.

Ok lets stay on track though here. So as not to get too much into the theological ramifications of these biblical stories im going to get right to the point and be blunt about it because thats how I do things. I’m not good at seducing my listeners into believing what i say. I just kind of say it and if they have questions I give more insight as needed. So, here is the point. Jesus paid taxes. Now just today i heard a person say they think it’s great that they are 501c3 status because half of all tax money goes to weapons (thats what they tell us but i bet its way less than that because the government needs to get there pockets lined somehow and their cars and houses and jets and and and and, but that’s a different topic of which I don’t like to dwell too much on =D). But, check it out, Jesus didn’t find a contradiction in His morals because of what the government (just as much corrupt if not more back then) was doing with HIS money. Even though Jesus said to give to ceaser what’s ceaser’s doesn’t mean that takes away from the fact that God owns it ALL. It’s not ceaser’s money really but Jesus knows something we don’t know sometimes (myself included so don’t get  too offended). Money is worthless. Wow that’ll set you free right there. Jesus, the maker of heaven and earth and all that is in them, told us to give to a man what is  a man’s. And, furthermore, Jesus, not to be outdone by His creation, did exactly as He told us to do. Just like Jesus came and fulfilled the Word and Law given to the Jews for a guide to point to Himself, He also showed us that what He told us to do He Himself was going to do and ultimately fulfill.

Please don’t get me confused with some legalistic fanatic that is saying that if you are 501c3 status that you are evil and damned to hell because you are sinning agianst Christ. I do believe that God has given us grace to make our own choice on this matter. But, I do think we should ask ourselves that cliché question, “what would Jesus do”.

Like i said I’m not going to go into all the theological implications and ramifications of what I believe Jesus is saying here because I just want to take it straight forward. The government makes the money so in a way it is theirs and if they want it then let them have it. Jesus didn’t fight to keep it but rather He showed how God would provide for us (Jehovah Jireh) to pay taxes. Jesus also wasn’t concerned that the romans were going to use HIS money to fund their evil ways.

Ok I will go a little bit onto the more important spiritual implications here only because I want to combat what I believe to be false teaching regarding the whole “give to ceaser what’s ceaser’s and give to God what’s God’s” thing. Many people use this to say we should “tithe” (most people don’t even know what the tithe really is and yet the put people in bondage to it in their religious facilities and promote it as a burden or as a magic formula to gain money or lose money and that’s why I put it in quotes). The funniest thing about this is that most of those people who preach to get out “tithe” don’t pay taxes. So they pervert the latter (“give to God”) and forsake the former (“give to ceaser”). By now you might be saying, “what do you mean pervert the latter mike”? I’ll tell you exactly what I mean but not using my own words because my words are as worthless as money. God tells us what He wants us to give Him. Present yourselves a living sacrifice. Present yourselves a living sacrifice. Present yourselves a living sacrifice. Sorry but I had to do that. Paying taxes is worthless to God. What I mean by that is it’s really of not worth to God to care if all your money is taxed. He doesn’t want or even need your money. I heard a “preacher” say one time that God needs our money and i thought my brain was going to fall out trying to believe them. I say that because i couldn’t wrap my head around how that was possible when God can create everything out of nothing just by saying the word. Jesus was NEVER concerned about what He had as much as what He had to give.

In conclusion I would like to put a modern day twist on what I think Jesus would say if we asked Him about paying taxes these days. Here is it.

Give to the government what is theirs and give to God all you have to give whenever He wants it up to and including your life………..everyday not just once or twice a week =D


2 Responses to “Are we better than Jesus?”

  1. Good job. Michael. Nonprofit status is dangerous. It is like unto getting your tongue cut out in many ways. But many preachers already had their tongue cut out by “political correctness” so I guess for them, it really doesn’t matter.

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