Shouldn’t that be normal?

I keep seeing more and more these days, mostly by the “house church movement” (or “organic church” however you want to call it) people talking about how we need to be the Church daily in our homes. I see this as what the Church always should have believed and am amazed at how unnatural it seems to be to those who claim the name of Christ. I’m not just talking about a little devotional time here and there but i mean real life being lived for Christ daily. Anyone who claims Christ truthfully will also believe that this is the way it should be. The problem is that most are not doing it according to polls of “church-going” families. It is just very shocking that usually the first and foremost “thing to do” for believers in Christ is to get someone to Church on one extreme and/or on the other extreme to just get to know them really well in hopes that they may one day be like, “hey I want what you got”……..”What is it that you have again?”.

But check it out. There is a new generation that is actually doing things the “old way”. What I mean is that people are once again desiring to be the Church seen in the NT. Many people see this a s a “new” thing just as many people in the NT times saw grace by faith as a “new” thing. Fortunately God gave people like Paul the apostle the grace to explain to us that grace by faith was always the point and that Judaism was/is actually the product of faith and was a temporary religious practice to lead the Jewish nation (and those who saw them)  to Christ.

God did use the Jewish religion to lead many people to faith in Him by displaying His mercy and holiness to and through the physical and spiritual nation of Israel. In that same way (though a different not “God-ordained” way) God has used that religion of “christianity” to point people to Christ. A few quick points that I have to make to shed some light on things is this. First is that God will ALWAYS get the glory no matter what we do. When we mess up or just straight do wrong purposely God WILL still get the glory somehow. I like when the people ask Jesus why Bartimeus was born blind and everyone is like was it because of his sin or his parents sin. Jesus said that it because of neither but that God would get the glory. I know that is a stretch but I just wanted to show that God glorifies Himself regardless of what we think. Another point is that God never wanted Israel to have a king. It was NOT His idea. It was the peoples idea. But, God allowed it to glorify Himself. Not only did He glorify Himself but He used the lineage of king David to incarnate Himself in the Flesh as the physical descendant we know as Jesus. One more example real quick to wrap up my illustration. The temple. That was Gods idea right?  NO. The temple was actually Davids idea and God ordained it. David, seeing that God “lived” outside in a sense. God actually kind of rebukes David in 2 Samuel 7.

Here comes the turning point that really isn’t a turning point at all but actually the point from the beginning. God doesn’t dwell in buildings made with human hands but rather God dwells in humans He “built” with His holy hands. If you don’t believe me then read the NT. All over it talks of how we are God’s building. We are built on Christ first, and then other pieces are built on top of that foundation. Those other pieces are not physical as we tend to think or see (not in theory as shown by the institution of christianity seen in a lot of the worlds developed societies today). Those pieces are spiritual and spiritually discerned. Jesus is the cornerstone of HIS Church. I’m really sick of hearing “my church” or “their church” or “that church”. There is one Church universally and then that one universal Church meets together locally in different locations. There is no such thing (in Gods eyes as this church or that church. In fact I would venture to guess that that kind of teaching is close to damnable. I believe that is what Paul was addressing in 1 Corinthians 1 and 3 when He talks about in 1 Cor 1:13 when he specifically asks the question “is Christ divided”. We must ask ourselves that daily. We know the answer but most people do nothing about it.

Here is the point to all this. Christ is not divided and one of the big points of 1 Corinthians is that Truth. There is one  Body fit jointly together in Christ. Now what does this Body normally look like? It appears to me from scripture and from normal human living and from speaking to God that the way the Body of Christ should function is just like a healthy “normal” family. For sake of argument we will call a normal healthy functioning family one that loves each other and communicates daily and eats together and speaks to each other and lives  in harmony to the best of our human ability. This is what a lot of the “organic” and “house-church” “movements” are doing these days and to most “christians” it seems anything but normal. If 1st century believers in Christ saw all the religious things we do today and our big “edifice complex” then they would think us abnormal. A lot of “christians” think this way of doing things (the organic or house-church way) is ok but only in the confines of the institution. Unfortunately for those trying to straddle the fence like this it will never work. The reason is that the institution is too insecure that their denominational doctrines will be compromised  (non-denominational is a denomination too usually with their own set of rules lol). “Churches” are more concerned with their own agendas being endangered than the gospel of Christ being spread in the spirit of Acts 2:42-47.

In conclusion I would just like to say that we need to be asking ourselves, “what is normal?”


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