This isn’t really good news

So I’m not really too happy with what i see in “christianity” these days. It really looks no different from the world. What with people fighting in wars and chasing after money and houses and cars and better jobs. Now first off I would like to state that neither money, houses, or cars are inherently bad. But, when we teach that this is what God wants for us then I believe we tread on very sandy ground. We are to be first and foremost founded on the solid Rock of Christ and that Rock even more so being Jesus as the Christ as told in the bible. Now what does this really mean for the believer and the non-believer. I’m not going to beat around the bush or try to pretty it up like a lot of people these days are doing. Even people I highly agree with sometimes play down the first most important part of the gospel (good news) about Christ. This is the good news. We are sinners by nature. We arent sinners because we sin as much as we sin because we are sinners (this only applies to those who dont know Christ as those who do know Christ are sinful but not sinners because in Christ you are a new creation and now a saint, holy and perfect in the sight of God because of Jesus’ sacrifice for you). Now if you don’t know Christ than you are still a sinner stuck in your sins and are, unfortunately for you and God, destined to dwell in eternal death in the lake of fire. I say unfortunately for you and God because as for you that will stink to be in the lake of fire forever and as for God it grieves Him that the people He created would choose eternal death over the free eternal life He offers in Christ. And that is the good news right there. Though we all deserve this eternal death because of our sin and disobedience against God we all have the chance to be redeemed. Now in the worlds view (religion) you must redeem yourself. But God is so perfect and holy that we could never do that because He demands holiness and perfection just due to His very nature. But, fortunate for us, God has made a way for us and that way is Jesus the Christ. God became a man for us and that man He became lived the perfect, holy, sinless  life that we never could live and died our shameful sinful death on a cross just so we could live in perfection with God forever.

Now this is the good news.

Sinners from birth can become holy and blameless in Christ if they except His perfect holy sacrifice on the cross and believe that God raised Jesus from the dead.

If it sounds too good to be true then it is. It is too good to be true and that’s what makes it utterly amazing and that’s why it’s not only “good news” but it’s the best news you will ever accept in your life.


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